Birdcage and spaceframe

2015/03/15 - home

I found this friend of a friend of a chance encounter that also involved my pet bird. We were at a Christmas party and I wore the bird under my collar. This was back when his wings were clipped, and he could fly very far. We met a tall visitor dressed like a Yeti, and a Bounty hunter.

This friend of a friend builds stages and other structures for outdoor parties. They are made out of aluminum pipe the has been crimped and bent at specific angles. They have to be assembled in order, in a specific pattern written on every piece.

Rave spaceframe

Teardrop structure

Joint instructions

I covered a structure that the creator had laying around with 1/2" square hardware cloth. It serves as a large, safe enclosure for 2 pet birds.

Pino and Pina



I love keeping birds. They have taught me when the right time to wake up is. I feed them every morning at sunrise, it's nice to have a creature around that is more neurotic than me. They are beautiful to look at. They have attracted some natural predator friends.