Bitcoin Quake 3

2020/10/01 - games

Bitcoin payments

Finally! It’s here. Bitcoin micropayments using API. This is exciting for server administrators because they can attract players with rewards in bitcoin. It only takes a few extra seconds to join a match, and each player can pay into the game and the winner gets the payout. This would be fun to take a cut to pay content creators too. There are lots of directions this could go.

quakejs bitcoin

bitcoin settings

payment required

I think I might also have a fix for these lightmaps showing up incorrectly the first time it loads.

wrong lightmaps


reloaded lightmaps

I figured out I can use interpreted QVMs instead of WASM for ASM.js builds. And I should have a WebGL fallback to Canvas + Software GL pretty soon. This will expand the number of devices it is playable on greatly, including my old iPad 1!

I will fix pure server connections by spoofing the checksums from known paks. This isn’t necessarily less secure, since I am verifying repacked checksums also, but it will be really fun to be able to play on any server, not just QuakeJS servers!