Computer coffee table

2008/10/23 - projects

For the last few weeks I have been working on a project of a different kind. I decided to build a coffee table to house my media server. As you can see from the photos, it has come along nicely. It is complete with sound activated cathodes, and a monitor sitting under the glass top. The project cost me around $300 when I had initially planned on only spending about $100. I still think it was worth it.

Coffee table

The table is 4 feet by 2 feet, about 18 inches tall, and has 3/8 inch tempered glass. The computer components are pretty standard. I use a long DVI cable and convert it to HDMI to go in to my receiver. The audio output is digital over coaxial, coming from an Audigy 3. A wireless Logitech mouse and keyboard is useful for typing and browsing from the couch. It also has sound activated cold cathodes that look really cool when playing music with lots of sub.

Coffee table 2

I think it turned out pretty well...