Drupals downside

2014/08/20 - web

This marks the end of my use of drupal. I enjoyed it for years, but arbitrary API changes, multiple UIs, impossible configuration complexity makes it hard to evolve a platform over time.

Study Sauce landing

The weirdest problem I had with drupal is creating interfaces. I used various forms modules and it even supported repeatable fields of multiple fields. It started to get weird when I needed to add or remove fields, I felt like I was constantly redoing work.

Study Sauce fields

Repeating fields

Between trying to manipulate forms in to a web-app, I had to use the Drupal CLI for database backups, and security upgrades. There were various configuration panels for templates and modules that I had to click through. It was weird not being able to control the entire platform using only code. Sure, my module could install configurations, Drupal has great features for that.

Drupal versions

I wrote a small SPA for a company that made a Java app that links words together to help kids with dislexia read.

Reading fox

This app was a basic landing page with a tile design for my wife's artwork.


I made this neat CV that reformats colors when you try to print it.

Drupal resume

Drupal print

So what is next? I realized Symfony was included as a module for Drupal, so I switch to the Symfony framework. It is MVC based, as opposed to Drupal hook system.