Google sheets marketing with AMP

2019/06/30 - projects

I've been using Google sheets as a database to generate some basic HTML. It isn't quite as abstracted as I would like, and I haven't found a good way to store lots of little pieces of HTML. It would be nice if there was some sort of visual Jupyter notebook for doing this. Airbnb had an interesting app process that would convert a pencil sketch to a layout, but I never saw any code.

Airbnb design

I don't know where I got the idea. I started playing with different Google APIs all documented in my notebooks. I like the Firebase NoSQL database, but I don't understand how to relate lists of different documents, if the content is shared.

Google sheets

Google sheets 2

I've been able to maintain a variety of content and templates using this standard format. I would like to use a script to replace the necessary tags with Google AMP tags. The page content is served very quickly from Google Cloud storage's (GCS') Content Delivery Network (CDN).

resume site


Since the resume CV is in Excel, I hope I can use it to automatically fill out job applications based on search criteria.


I was able to quickly copy and publish a clone of my sisters blog. She gave me the idea to offer this as a service to other people.

illuminati desktop

illuminati shop

I like the idea of a simple stack. I have a couple of cloud functions and Google Sheets, and an end to end publishing pipeline. There are some holes, like should it automatically search my Google account for images and content? I've even devised a way to support user logins using pregenerated and individually secured static pages. Updates coming soon.

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