Home improvements

2019/01/01 - home

Over the years, I've tackled many home improvement projects. I've seen this style of double door to an office, facing another common room.

Hole in wall

Sliding doors

We've added this roof, my wife's step dad is an architect, so we were able to submit plans to the city, for approval.

Studio extension

Studio kitchenet

My wife explained to me how important natural light is in the bathroom, so when you are getting ready you look the same as when you go out.

Bathroom window

Bathroom window 2

Bedroom painting

We love these bamboo floors. The material is sustainable, beautiful, stays warmer than tile in the winter. Because we are friends with the owner of the flooring company, we only get 1 room done at a time.

New floors

Adding this keycode entry to our door has made renting out rooms an easy and run experience. We invite Airbnb guests to come and go as they please using a 4 digit code, and we are live in landlords. We live in the house, while also having Airbnb visitors.

Keycode entry

Planting trees, while not on the house, they are semi permanent. The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago so you could be enjoying it's shade. Some of these trees were planet by birds or on their own.

New trees

Removing this vent and replacing it with flexible duct has opened up the kitchen space to the living room. There's added light from both sides, and now we can see the movie screen while using the kitchen.

Open concept

Open concept 2

Open concept 3

Open concept 4

We've needed to replace or repair various other things in the house. The thermostat was old and blew a fuse. The garage door chain snapped and we replaces it with a Chaimberlain ultra quiet series. The faucets in bathrooms and showers in Arizona get a buildup of calcium from the water and need to be replaced. I replaced 1 out of 2 heating elements in the water tank because one of them was too corroded to remove. Luckily, some of the big ticket items haven't needed replacement.


Heating elements

Garage door