Hottub and Craigslist

2015/04/26 - home

One day, I got inspired to look on Craigslist for a hottub. This was a great start, there are tons of hottubs available for about $100, but at least one I found was completely free!

We arrived to pick it up and it had no frame, completely removed the outside shell. The previous owner apparently wanted to bury it in the ground like this.



My plan is to create a fully enclosable space with cinderblock. As long as the hull of the tub is in tact and well supported, all the other parts are repairable.

Replacement jets

I had to cut out one of the jets and sand off all the previous glue down to the resin cast fiberglass on one side, and a finished epoxy coat on the inside. This inside layer has cracked and needed repair.

Repaired crack

We ordered a new lid, and it has worked wonderfully for years now. I highly recommend checking out your local craiglist for someone tired of putting in the work on their machine.

Hot tub