Marketing with Angular 2

2017/06/01 - web

Why Angular 2?

It was mostly self-inflicted pain. NPM packages changing constantly. Over-zealous programming and versioning is the reason a software "generation" is only 2 years. I briefly worked at this kind of self-indulgent marketing company that taught some bad practices. Feature branching turned in to module branching, so I wrote a node script to automatically turn modules in to branches based on a minimatch.

Act branches

Act marketing

Act marketing 2

It also automatically squashes all commits for each branch, which was also company policy. I enjoyed the Angular platform for a number of other projects. I tried to rewrite the Study Sauce app using fresh CSS standards, and Firebase. I also prototyped a web app for a mediation company complete with soothing animated backgrounds.

Meditation app

ibooz coupon

cross platform typescript

Apps apps apps!


Photo gigs

I eventually turned to Vue.js to create this little gem of a marketing app. It loads a 3D model that I exported from AutoCAD. Most of the work was already done by the plugin someone else created. It is supposed to look sort of like a brochure, with an interactive model of what the construction would look like. It can update colors as the user selects different options.


Cityscapes 2

Cityscapes 3

Cityscapes 4

Cityscapes 5

I've decided to publish the project proposal partially derived from another bid. Since the project has been dissolved, I would be happy to reapply this template or feature to another marketing site.

Project proposal