Medical device manufacturing

2013/04/01 - work

End of an age in device manufacturing. Since the company was dismantled and sold, I doubt anyone will have a problem with any possibility of revealing trade secrets here.

Since early 2011, I have been working on a medical device that will diagnose a person's organ health based on Kirlian imaging of a fingertips. This company was heavy on the promise side of the business, and not at all caring of the technology side. I worked for months updating the entire technology/software stack, all to have it dismantled and lost to propriety.


A scan from this platform use to take 10 minutes to process, until I came along and rewrote it using Windows Presentation Foundation and multithreading, it takes under 1 second to process all finger images.

Clearview finger

We build an entire cloud based service, perfect for running on Azure. It indicated when a patient scan was happening. It had 2-way synching of imaging data for cloud processing. It would allow doctors at home to review a scan from a patient in a remote office.

EPIC Central cloud

I wrote a polymorphic searching algorithm that I've blogged abount separately. This allowed the use to search a date range, or patient name, all from one combined search field.

Search algorithm

Ultimately, we were burdened by a change control process that was too much work for such a small company. They brought it contractors to clean up the work we had done for the last 3 years and me and the other engineers were let go. Working here actually reminded me a lot of the movie "The Founder" the documentary of Elizabeth Holme's fraud in medical device manufacturing.