Quantum threading the loom of life

2020/06/24 - psychology

Sometimes I say things that sound like it’s from the twilight zone. But somehow it makes sense. Another blog I have been reading brought up a theory that I’ve shared. Put simply, “there will be war as long as people eat meat.” This sounds silly on the surface. Of course there might be meat eaters that have never been to war, and there might be soldiers who are vegetarian. But there is something other-worldly about it. Like it makes you want to believe it because turning everybody vegan sounds easier than turning everybody into a pacifist maybe. This is purely focused on beliefs, you’ll have to derive whatever truth you want from it.

In this post I’d like to explore more ideas like this. For example, “trees are God’s wires.” It sounds so simple and dismissable, but there is a certain ring to it. But there is supporting research such as this article Trees Communicate with an Internet of Fungus It’s almost like somebody took a crazy theory and tested it, and proved it’s true. Or maybe I read about it somewhere, and developed my own simplistic theory. We can understand the health of the planet by observing trees. Just like we understand the health of a community of animals by looking at their diet lower on the food chain.

This kind of understanding, where you jump steps in the thought process, I believe is the foundation of all religion. It is easier for us to believe in something that it is to understand why. For example, Jews believe they cannot eat animals with a split hoof like pigs. But the reasoning behind that belief is much more logical. Pigs are scroungers and they eat carcasses of other animals. This exposes the wild pig to diseases that might be transferable to people. So by believing this overly simplified description of animals with split hooves, they can protect their tribe from disease. Ancient humans didn’t understand disease, so they relied on a belief system in order to survive.

The forbidden fruit is a lion’s heart

This is how I started with meat eating being the cause of war. I think about it from multiple angles. The Old Testament God was a jealous and angry God. He punished people for disobedience. He picked out people to make an example out of them. Nobody wants their God to tell them to kill their only son. But by overcoming this demand, God proved how wrong Moloch is. It might have been the only way to get people to stop worshiping Moloch.

But by eating the forbidden fruit and casting Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden, God put the fight in us. He set humanity on a course that was once peaceful, blissful, and ignorant. It turned into a warring, fighting, arguing, hateful world full of beautiful knowledge. People fight for knowledge, they use it as an excuse to put other people down and judge people.

Nutritionally, eating meat has a dark side. When an animal is killed the body is flooded with chemicals to ease the pain. We’ve proven that adrenaline is carcinogenic. Not safe for Vegans So it makes sense to me that eating an angry animal would also affect your own moods and personality. But in that statement I am relying on my belief system that “all things in this world are connected.” Another fluffy oversimplification of a complex reality.

Pornography creates a market for human trafficing

I recently saw first hand a person highlight a despicable truth in our society. A used car lot lizard was cancel-cultured for stating “I hope all the women get battered for defunding police.” Obviously, wishing harm on someone else is wrong. But if you wish he would get laid off because of this statement, isn’t that the same thing as wishing harm on someone? I’ve tried to talk to Democrats about cancel-culture, and while they seem to lean towards it being the wrong thing to do, they also say “I’m not going to both-sides this shit with you.”

John 8:7 - He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone.

Wishing someone harm is sinful, but wishing someone harm in response to wishing someone harm, is also sinful. Now that superior women have won the battle against a used car salesman, we can focus on a more important issue. Taking out a lot-lizard is like crying wolf when there is a war going on. No one is going to come to a womans aid, when they are facing sexual assault now. Probably, they will just stand around and film it with their smartphone.

How does this relate pornography and human trafficking? These are allegedly BIG PROBLEMS. There is plenty of pseudo-science psychology on the matter. I have the philosophy NOT to try and solve a world problem or “make a difference” like airheaded social justice warriors. My philosophy is a little more grounded, “just try to raise the bar a little.” For example, I can’t solve the world’s porn problem, and I can’t stop pedophelia in the Rich and Hollywood classes that lead to human trafficking. I can, however, create a VPN service like the kind offices use to filter out explicit content. This would take a little bit of coding, and I could set it up like a cloud service with a small fee for anyone looking to break the habit. This is what I mean by raising the bar a little. I have really solved anything, but I’ve created a service to help a few people become more productive and get rid of their habit.

Here is the crazy quantum threading that would be impossible for anyone but a God to understand. Perhaps if someone uses my anti-porn service, they will go to work more hours at a coffee shop. Perhaps a customer at a coffee shop is working on a new algorithm for tracking children. Perhaps the customer has a child that might have been abducted if it wasn’t for their algorithm providing extra safety. Perhaps, they can continue their work, because they wouldn’t have lost their child. It gives some amount of next to impossible likelihood to the statement “everything is connected in this world.”

It would be silly for me to base my life on the possibility of child abduction, but I can work towards a better future for myself by building a tool to help me and other people stay productive.

As long as money is a motivation there will be economic divide

“It is all one pot.” Someone taught me this, but I doubt this is what they meant. It’s simply too difficult to comprehend the GDP of the entire globe. But it is a well accepted philosophy that for one person to have more, another person has less. For example, Drake’s home is $100 million worth of land, concrete, granite, gold, and lighting. But does Drake know for sure where all of those things that make up his home come from? Does he really know for sure that someone in a quarry didn’t die cutting off his countertops? Drake is one of the most philanthropic people of all time, so I doubt anyone would think that they deserve his house more than he does. His castle will exist on this earth long after he is gone, and it will always be a symbol of his family’s success.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the philanthropic mindset of Drake. He’s probably given away as much money as his home costs. But some people would take that $100 million to further enrich themselves with no benefit to economic value. They sit around punching numbers and don’t care how the money could be used. I doubt Drake spends 5 minutes every week thinking about his budget, he can afford to pay someone else to think about it, and then he just needs to call up his financial planner and ask if it’s okay to make a big purchase.

This is the case in point. Some people can afford financial planners, some people want to be financial planners, most people can’t budget at all. For example, 21 lottery winners who lost everything. What is so wrong with human psychology that you can literally be handed the golden spoon and still lose it?

My belief, these people who won the lottery and lost it all spent the money on things they wanted, instead of spending it on their own creativity. Imagine if all 21 of those people started companies instead of upgrading their life. Their motivations were wrong. They wanted to show off with their money instead of using it to benefit others. I read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, it really should have been named Greedy Dads, and left it at that. The irony in this is personal for me. My mom worked at a Spa, I tried to build a Spa with my wife. My mom worked at a Realestate company, I tried to build a real estate company. Obviously, I was denied a business loan because I tried to use a good track record of rental income as security and banks aren’t really interested in “partnerships”. As karma would have it, all that money my parents have been stashing away in various investment accounts took a huge hit, the money was lost to richer people. Money that could have saved me a lot of stress, or been used to start a company.

Maybe this doesn’t prove the original statement at all; as long as people’s motivation is money (as opposed to a creative/constructive pursuit) there will be an economic divide (as in poor versus rich). But I see it as one of these quantum threads, if all the greed suddenly disappeared, we would all be living more equally. All of the speculative number crunching on wall-street could be repurposed to build housing. All of the savings in bank accounts could be repurposed for education, teaching kids new skills. All of the fees and interest payments in banks could be repurposed to grow food, forests and help preserve wildlife. But no one really agrees with me, because those things are too big to understand.

The sad truth is, when you are young, you have time and energy but no money, and when you are old, you have money and no energy or time. To me, when I realize this, I try to do the opposite to reverse the flow of energy. If I was old, I would be excited to pay someone young to work on something instead of hoarding it away in some investment account. I would have a personal stake in the decisions that investors make behind the curtains.

As long as globalisation happens climate change will happen

This is almost believable. It’s even almost provable depending on the scientist you talk to. Ironically, the French are huge Globalist, and now they’re the ones setting the precedent for climate renewal. Kind of hypocritical, but I see this as a sort of proof of how screwed up and connected this world is. Why would the same country who invaded every continent want to make themselves look like the heroes of climate change; the very thing they caused?

But if I was writing 100 years ago and I told the French government that their occupation in Asia would eventually lead to sea water warming and killing all the fish, they would have laughed me to death. Maybe you’re already laughing now.

There are a dozen correlations we could draw from human effect on the environment. Industrialization causes water pollution. Overpopulation causes pollution. Technological renaissance leads to an impoverished and polluted Africa; almost like the lead-edge of technology destroys the origin of man. It’s biblical almost. Connecting the world with communication devices, creates space trash. That could hold us back in the future by being extremely costly to clean up, turning our earth into a prison. The lack or disregard of good planning is astounding. This city in Japan has zero waste, all of the suppliers in the area would need to use packaging that meets their standards. Which means there is also a business outside of Kamikatsu that repackages stuff they need and creates trash. Japan is also growing it’s land area with trash, just like NYC. So who is to say which pollution is ok and which is not?

Divorce creates insolent bastards

Maybe this is just rambling and complaining, but I think this article will come full circle. I can even tie in the current race wars. Candace Owens stated that fatherless homes were one of the issues plaguing the black community. 50% percent of marriages end in divorce in the US. I want to reframe the definition of a bastard. Formally, it is someone born whose parents are not married. My definition is slightly different, it is someone who grows up without a fatherly influence, no matter the marriage situation. I’ll state a few of my problems, and tragically, I’m probably not alone.

  1. I’ll never see my father respect my mother. Since they have been divorced since I was 6 months old, I’ll never know what it looks like for a man to de-escalate an argument and be loving.
  2. I’ll never experience a family holiday. Since my family is split between old family and new family, I’ll never know what it feels like to have my entire family together.
  3. I can’t honor a man who dishonors himself. How can I possibly understand what it means to “honor thy mother and thy father” after the pain they have put me through? Does that mean get a job? Does it mean “be a man”? Does it mean having kids? Does it mean make money? Does it mean to be respectful even when they are wrong? How can I learn to be respectful if I’ve never been respected?
  4. I hate authority. Seeing as how I don’t know what honor or respect is, I can’t possibly respect the law. I hate the in-fact. I hate the idea that a cop is out on the streets right now trying to intimidate people during a traffic violation.
  5. I’m punished when I need discipline. My parents don’t know the difference in the word, so let’s clear it up. The law punishes people. Beating a child is punishment. Discipline is waking up everyday for an 8 AM class. Most people need more discipline in their lives, but we continue punishing people because it’s easier.
  6. I’ll never forget being beaten. Since I don’t have an honorable father figure, and religion has failed me, I was a disobedient child. This led to beatings in school from bullies, punishment from faculty, and no respect for self-righteous bastardly authority figures. Because if I’m a bad person, the people ordering me around might be bad people too. Ironically, when I used to fight with my brothers, I would get a beating and a reminder to “use my words” while being beaten. It kind of had the opposite effect. Like using violence to fight violence.
  7. No one knows the pain I live with. I remember after I was pulled out of class for being a problem child, I would meet with a guidance counselor during school. This set me back. I couldn’t qualify for honors programs. I couldn’t participate in more advanced math classes. I was special in the worst way. The guidance counselor was completely unaware of the abuse I took emotionally, verbally, and physically. She did nothing to stop it. I guess I was lucky because she never sexually assaulted me. "I bring it on myself" they used to tell me.
  8. I can’t follow instructions. Imagine screaming at your kids because they are distracting you from your phone. I just heard our neighbor in the backyard do it the other day. She was talking to someone loudly outside, and the kid wanted her attention. She scream “I’m on the fucking phone!” To a child. This reminded me of the time my mother used to watch the “boob tube” daytime television and scream at us to be quiet and go somewhere else. What this really teaches a child is that even when you aren’t doing anything wrong, you’re still a problem. Professionally, I grew up not knowing whether I am doing something right or wrong. I need constant feedback that managers just aren’t willing to give out. Ironically, it isn’t the “participation trophies” that screwed up millennials, it was the abusive mother fucking fathers. But sure, blame the trophies. At least I know I did something right.
  9. I can’t make good decisions. As a kid it felt like I got in trouble for everything, good or bad. This has led me to not be able to make good decisions. When I see something wrong with other people, I want to act out and put them in their place. I don’t know if doing a good thing today will cause something bad tomorrow. When it comes to budgeting, it’s all out the window. Because I don’t understand if I am out of food money today, I can take that money out of my savings, but then I have to pay my savings back which means I have less food money for next month’s budget. How does anybody decide what to do in that situation? Eat less food maybe.
  10. I can’t focus. I grew up with ADD, took Ritalin, and Adderall. It’s like crack for kids, but for ADD it makes you more calm. I never learned how to focus while on the drug, and I took it for years. Nowadays, I think doctors put kids on a strict 6 month trial period, and when they learn to focus, they remove the drug. This negligence of course led to other drug addictions, a phase of alcoholism, depression, a general unrelenting feeling of inadequacy in every walk of life.

I can’t blame this all on my parents. Because “taking responsibility for your life” is of course the only way to be “in control of your life.” But I don’t believe that bullshit. I believe there are lots of things that are out of our control. For example, I could be in complete control of the road, and safely roll through a stop sign, and then get a ticket for it when a cop pokes out of the bushes. I could have decided to stop completely, but it wasn’t really affecting anyone because nobody was around. A cop hiding in the bushes isn’t exactly participating in my driving folly, but that won’t stop him from punishing me for it. Now, I have less food for my budget.

To make it worse, I know people who get away with drinking and driving everyday. Where is the cop then? When people’s lives are actually at risk, there’s no cop. But when I do something wrong, there is a cop. This is exactly how bullying worked at school. When a bully picked on me, nothing was done to stop it, but when I retaliated, I got in trouble. I see the exact same thing happening with “cancel-culture”, BlackLivesMatter, our entire government. Like this woman who made an egregious comment before her flight, and landed unemployed. The true bullies are her bosses, they didn’t do anything to help African people, but they laid her off so she couldn’t do anything to help Africans either.

I hope that all the people who seek out power are subjected to bullying because that would give me an easy explanation of why bad things happen. Bullies exist because bad fathers exist. Rapists exist because bad fathers exist. Greed exists because of bad fathers. Oppression exists because of bad fathers. I’m willing to bet most of the world’s problems exist because of bad fathers.

People are so blinded by their own self-righteousness, it’s like they can’t even read or hear words. But what we DO is more important than what we say. Throwing stones is an action. The worst people could say something bad, and perhaps save someone’s life from being hit by a car. It isn’t our place to decide because we are not God. Maybe someday someone will think about that the next time they think about cancelling someone’s job because of something they said on the internet. Church attendance is low because Religion has failed. People think they are better than God. The end is nigh indeed.