Toolshed and organization

2018/05/01 - home

My wife found this shed online. It is thin aluminum. I set it on top of a block wall on top of the foundation to give it a little extra height. It is so much more inviting that the shed you have to crouch down to enter.


I made shelves out of cinderblock and 2x4"s, stacking up to the ceiling leaves lots of room for other things to move around.

Shed inside

The floor is wood. I made the mistake of not moisture treating the bottom side or the joists. It has held up ok, but it looks like some areas are starting to mold. There may be leaks on the roof contributing to this.

Shed floor

Shed stacked

In the picture above, the right side was stacked with clothes before we donated them, and the left side is frequently rearranged when used.